I am sure that you will all feel and share with us the immense disappointment at our latest Y6 Key Skills Tests results. Despite the children averaging above the expected standardised score in both Reading [101] and Maths [102], not enough scored 100 or more in both areas, with many being better in one than the other. Like you, we realise that getting 41% to age related expectation in Reading, Writing and Maths combined is not good enough and that our children deserve to make better progress.

Clearly our work in ensuring that our children feel safe and happy in school, receiving a caring, exciting, broad and balanced curriculum, which we know parents and carers value from their feedback to us and others, needs to focus more consistently on academic outcomes across the school. Whilst the improvements we have made in the last few years have addressed this, as can be seen in the work and progress of the children coming through school now, more still needs to be done.

We have been proactive in seeking to improve further and faster and are working ever more closely with Robin Hood MAT to ensure that our systems and practices consistently deliver the outcomes our children deserve in the way we wish them to be achieved. We also continue to work closely with Solihull Local Authority in order to balance the complexity of demands placed upon the school so that we deliver high quality provision for all of our children.

Sustained improvement is not a quick win and there is still work to be done. However, the quality and commitment required to get there is evident across the school and is recognised by both the parents and those we are working with. We thank you for your continuing support and guidance as we drive forward together to raise well rounded, happy, independent young people ably equipped to meet the complex demands of life beyond tests.

Jeni Mills / Mark Pratt

Chair of Governors / Head Teacher