Learning Projects

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As the current Coronavirus situation develops, the UK Government has taken the difficult decision to close schools for a set period of time. This is an approach that China, Italy, France, Poland and many other countries have taken and as such we feel it is prudent as a school and as a Trust to plan for this eventuality and so we want to outline below the steps we are taking.

These learning projects have been created by teachers from across the Trust to ensure that your child continues to benefit from opportunities to learn whilst the school is closed as part of the Government’s initiative to restrict the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We urge you to place an expectation on your child that they complete the tasks in the learning project each day and across the week to ensure that they have the best chance of retaining what they have learned over the course of this academic year.

Each project has been split into 4 sections. These are aimed at different Year Groups, YN / YR; Y1 / Y2; Y3/ Y4 and Y5 / Y6. As with all generic work set there are certain elements that your child may find too easy or too hard - if this is the case we ask that you encourage the child to have a go at the age appropriate element they are finding too hard and then, if needs be, either move on to a different task or take a look at a tasks from a previous Year Group. Where a child finds the work too easy then they have the option of trying an older ‘learning project’ although we only ask you do this if the work consistently proves to be too easy.