8 March, 2019

The school was awash with red and purple this week as we celebrated together World Book Day.

In a change to previous years, Mrs Albanese shared a wonderful book, Journey, with the entire school. We then spent the day discussing the story, sharing our thoughts and feelings and predicting what might happen next. There was a real buzz of excitement across the school as everyone shared the love of reading together.

Several children received the second book in the trilogy, Quest, as a prize for their ideas and engagement with the book at different levels. Just like reading, the adventure continues into the third part of the trilogy, Return. But that's for another day!

Massive thanks to Mrs Albanese for sharing her love of books with us and for organising a terrific day of adventure around books.

Here's to next year!! [Hopefully!]

Despite the undoubted

benefits and impact upon learning that World Book Day brings, it may be difficult to bring it to life next year in quite the same way given the increasingly difficult financial pressure we find ourselves under.

Last week a letter went to local MP Julian Knight regarding the member's debate in Westminster on Monday 4/3/19 on the school funding crisis. The letter was countersigned by many Head Teachers across Solihull, including myself, collectively responsible for the education of over 9000 children.

I know parents and carers are as passionate as the Head Teachers about the quality of education and support that schools provide for their children. This letter, in collaboration with the Worthless? campaign shows the continued determination of Head Teachers across the country to secure adequate funding to provide the level of education and support

our children and young people deserve to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

I would ask you to make representations to your local MP to ensure that matters improve.

We will continue to inform you of the facts and to campaign vigorously over coming weeks and months.

Finally, we have noticed a few children being sent into school alone when they are potentially late. This can sometimes mean that they have to then leave the playground and come around to the Main Entrance on their own. Clearly this gives us some safeguarding concerns.

To make sure that children are safe, please bring them onto the playground at 8:45am to see if doors are still open. As ever, our many thanks to those who consistently manage to get the children into school in time for an 8:45am start.

Have a great weekend!