22 March, 2019

I want to start this week by thanking Mrs Garvey for arranging an amazing Red Nose Day celebration for us. As a result of her hard work and your fantastic support we have been able to send Comic Relief a whopping £923.04 !

Given the current financial landscape, this is a phenomenal amount. Our many thanks for your generosity! You can see the kinds of enterprises that this money might support or make a donation by visiting the Comic Relief website.

We have introduced a new Information Management System this week. ScholarPack is a fully secure and GDPR compliant web based system. It has many benefits for the administration of the school and will help us to be evn more efficient and effective.

One such benefit is the ability to quickly contact parents if a child is absent and no reason has been provided. Through

an in-built texting service we can inform parents by 9:15am if their child is not in school and no message has been received either by phone, Dojo or message at the doors. This obviously means that if there is a problem, it can be resolved as quickly as possible, meaning that the children are safer.

It also means that you can let us know that you are aware of the absence and why your child is not in school. Please reply to the text as soon as possible so that we can be assured that the child is safe and update the registers to reflect the reasons for the absence. Please note that should no reason be received, the absence will go down as unauthorised.

Please note that an acceptable level of attendance is 96%, or roughly speaking about 7 days absence or 14 late arrivals [after 9:05am] per academic year. attendance lower than this will trigger an intervention by the school and may, in some

cases lead to legal action.

Currently, attendance across the school is at 96.31%. This ranges from 93.69% in EYFS, through 96.23% in KS1 to 96.39% in KS2. Our many thanks to all those parents who ensure that we are able to meet standard by sending their children to school regularly and on time throughout the year.

Finally, in order to keep everyone safe can I remind you that there is no parking outside of the school, as highlighted by the new banners kindly sourced from Solihull MBC for us. Also, can we ask that parents supervise their children on the playground before and after school wherever possible to again ensure that everyone is kept safe. I have had reports of people being hit by scooters, hoverboards and footballs in the past few weeks. Thank you for your co-operation and consideration.

Have a great weekend!