19 December, 2019

"It's in the singing of a street corner choir

It's going home and getting warm by the fire

It's true, wherever you find love it feels like Christmas

A cup of kindess that we share with another

A sweet reunion with a friend or a brother

In all the places you find love it feels like Christmas

It is the season of the heart

A special time of caring

The ways of love made clear

It is the season of the sprit

The message if we hear it

Is make it last all year

It's in the giving of a gift to another

It's all the ways that we show love that feel like Christmas

A part of childhood we'll always remember

Yes, when you do your best for love it feels like Christmas"

from A Muppet Christmas Carol [1992]

And so have we celebrated over the past two weeks in school as a warm, giving and loving community. Christmas Fair, EYFS Nativity, Rock Steady Concert, Y1-Y6 Carol Concert and our Ulverley's Got Talent celebration, not to mention the Rock Band's trip to perform at The Cavern Club, spiritual home of The Beatles, in Liverpool!

Whatever your religious beleifs, a 2 000 year old story about a baby still provides an opportunity to gather today. It is our shared desires for the best interests of our children that brings us together to remember this story and generate that feeling of love, security and goodwill.

We have been through a lot together this term and this year. As with most times, we have had ups and downs. However, I am so proud of how we always act as a community, supporting and helping each other through in order to achieve the best we can for our children.

Next year, I have no doubt, will offer similar success and opportunities

for growth as we continue to be positive, resilient and move forward.

As we break up for Christmas, plans are now well advanced for our conversion to an academy and a union with Robin Hood Multi-Academy Trust. Those matters that needed resolution prior to conversion all now seem to have been sorted and failing any further unforeseen issues we expect to have completed the process by February, 2020! It has been a long and frustrating road, but the end is now in sight.

The work we have started has already shown positive impacts and we look forward to these being even greater as we move forward as part of another community.

From everyone here at Ulverley, a very happy Christmas, filled with love, light and happy memories. May 2020 bring you all that you need and some of that which you want.

See you back on the 6th January for a new term and a new year.

Have a great holiday!