11 June, 2019

"Whoever saves a life, it is as if they saved humankind entirely."

So says several holy texts. I used this recently in an assembly to encourage the children to reduce, reuse and recycle.

In collaboration with the kitchen we have introduced three bins into the dining hall. Firstly, a red bin for food waste. Then, a black bin for mixed dry recycling and finally a yellow bin for non-food, non-recyclable rubbish.

Our aim is to be able to recycle as much waste as possible, whilst also cutting down on the amount of waste that we create. Ideally, I would like to see very little in the red and black bins and absolutely nothing in the yellow bin as we all play our part in saving the planet, hence the starting quote.

The children have got off to a fantastic start! This means that we can dispose of different waste in a more appropriate and useful way. In turn

the waste management company that empty our bins can direct the waste to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly uses. For example, the energy used to produce just one drinks can can produce twenty cans made from recycled materials, whilst one ton of recycled plastic saves sixteen barrels of oil!

This however is only a start and we need to do much more as a school community to help support the planet. Over the coming months I would like to see drinks bottles being reused rather than thrown away, crisps being brought in in reusable plastic pots and portion sizes reduced to manageable quantities for the children so that food is not thrown away.

With this in mind, the school has become a far more energy efficient space over the past few months as new boilers have been fitted,

replacing the old, gas guzzling ones.

We are of course extremely grateful to the Local Authority for there support in this most necessary improvement as the old ones had sadly expired. However, this has caused a delay in our conversion to an academy and subsequent joining of Robin Hood MAT.

We continue to work closely with our new colleagues and are now hoping for a September union.

Finally, as test season draws to a close, can I say a big well done to the children in Y1, Y2 and Y6 who have been subject to the process and a massive thank you to all other Year Groups for allowing them to run so smoothly.

We have had external monitoring and moderation visits throughout. These have all passed smoothly, recognising the work of the adults involved. we now await the results.

Have a great weekend!