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At Ulverley School, we work closely with the Solihull MBC Admissions Team and follow their policy and guidance. Children attend Ulverley for 8 years from 3 to 11 years of age (Years Nursery, Reception, 1, 3 3, 4, 5 and 6). In National Curriculum terms this is known as Foundation Key Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. At present 60 children can be admitted each year, and places are offered in line with the Local Education Authority’s Admissions Policy.

When should I apply for a school place?

We admit children into our Foundation Stage Classes in accordance with the Local Authority Admissions Criteria. Parents of children registered with the Local Health Authority receive an application form for places automatically during the Autumn Term preceding their admission to school. Children are eligible for Foundation Stage One from the September following their third birthday and for Foundation Stage Two in the September following their fourth birthday. The Local Authority administers the allocation of places on behalf of the school. A full list of current admission criteria is included in the rospectus but is also available from the Local Authority or from our school office.

What if I want to transfer mid- year?

Parents/carers of pupils requiring places in our school during a school year should apply directly to the Local Authority who allocate places and maintain a waiting list for each relevant year group on behalf of the school.

If a school receives more applications for its Reception classes than there are places available, places will be allocated in the following way:

Priority 1 Applications on exceptional grounds

Priority 2 Applications from within the catchment zone or an adjoining zone on the grounds of having a brother or sister attending the school or the linked infant school at the same time

Priority 3 Other applications from within the catchment zone

Priority 4 All other applications on the grounds of having a brother or sister attending the school.

Priority 5 All other applications allocated on the actual distance measured in a straight line from the child’s home address to the school

What are the admission criteria for places at Primary schools?

What are exceptional grounds?

Exceptional grounds are circumstances that can only be catered for by one particular school. Because all of our schools are resourced in the same way and have similar facilities there are very few exceptional circumstances that mean a child can only attend one particular school. These are reviewed on a case by case basis by the Head and Chair of Governors.

Additional Information

Following consultation, the Governing Body has agreed that the admission number of our school is 60.

It is a calculation based on the ‘Sufficiency Survey’ conducted by the Local Authority to determine the appropriate number of children in relation to the space and resources available.

To allow our numbers to go even higher would potentially have a detrimental impact on both the children and learning opportunities we can offer. The high standards we achieve could be in danger of being compromised and this is not something the school would sanction.