14 December, 2018

Well, Christmas well and truly hit school this week! The Christmas Fair, music assembly, Christmas Jumpers, Christmas Dinner and Nativity all brought that seasonal magic to the school.

The hall was awash with activity last Friday as hundreds of you pored through the doors to be part of the festivities prepared for us by the PTA. Not only did you descend and devour all on offer, you were also amazingly generous and giving to the cause. Although we still have a few expenses to account for, I can tell you that we actually took OVER... £2 000!!!

Given the current financial situation, this is an amazing feat. My thanks go to everyone who organised, wrapped, set up, contributed or came to the Fair in order to make this amazing amount of money for the children and their education. It truly shows what an amazing community we are.

The hall was again packed for our termly music assembly. This is another fabulous opportunity for the children to put to use the skills that they are learning into practice. It also gives those children not participating the chance to listen to real live music.

Both performers and audience played their

roles extremely well and it was with much pride that I oversaw the proceedings.

Thankfully, despite financial constraints, we can still offer music provision in school. This is in part due to the amazing commitment and support of our visiting teachers.

If your children were inspired and want to have a go at picking up and learning an instrument or wish to perform as part of a band, please let us know. We are more than happy to offer taster sessions to anyone prior to commitments being made.

Have a great weekend!